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The goals of the NC Challenger organization are to provide high level coaching, instruction and guidance so athletes can grow and excel in high level competition. Wherever possible, the lead instructors of a team are non-parents.

The unique aspect about North Carolina Challengers is that we do not have a huge amount of teams. The focus is on individual player development and not a money making scheme. 

Currently, we have an 18U, 16U, and 12U team playing a national level schedule.  These teams are called "Premier".  Our 16U Showcase team also plays the best events in the area, while on a more regional level. 

We don't want our athletes to get lost in the crowd or never seen at the main event. Our teams & athletes will be on the field with the best of the best to become their best & be seen by college coaches competing at the highest level. 

The 14U, 12U & 10U age groups have multiple teams per age group that play high-level events in their area and receive guidance for practices and what events provide the best competition. 

NC Challengers educates the whole athlete and provides great opportunities to excel and compete at the college level.

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